Class will out…

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Class will out…Fintan Ryan was back and in tremendous form too, taking the 10 mile TT win in the championship race with an excellent time of 21.10 mins from Paul Cullinan which allowing for the stiff headwind on the return leg was very decent. 
He and our three other club riders competing will be hoping tomorrow morning for a lighter wind I am sure.
The ladies champion was Cathy McCormack holding off Suazanne White with Eileen O’Sullivan in third position.     Following last night’s 10 Mile TT  event we have a change at the top of the rankings with handicap points with the new leader Cearbhall Guilfoyle taking over at the top with Mark Prendergast in second place.
As both of those riders have tey to marshal there will surely be another re-shuffle next week following a 23km chase pursuit event on the Roundwood Corncrake circuit.

L4 10 Mile TT Jack Whites 30/07/20

NameHcap TimeActual TimePlacePointsC2 Pts
Eileen O’Sullivan19.3334.331st113
Cearbhall Guilfoyle21.3631.362nd103
Mark Prendergast22.4024.13rd 93
Fintan Ryan23.121.14th 83
Alan MacNamee23.1525.455th 74
Cathy McCormack23.2527.256th 63
Billy Bourke23.2725.277th 53
Paul Cullinan23.5123.518th43
Roy Bowden23.5125.519th 33
Dave Peelo23.5323.5310th23
Andy Kavanagh24.1224.1211th 14
Patrick Bradshaw24.2528.5512th 13
Suzanne White24.2629.2613th 13
Timekeeper: G O’ Rorke, A Ryan
Chief Marshal:  P’O Donoghue, G Martin, H Peelo, Á MacCarthy,
J Mac Namee, J Thomas.
Cearbhall Guilfoyle110710    33  34
Mark Prendergast8829    33  33
Dave Peelo91132    33  31
Andy Kavanagh11461    33  28
Paul Cullinan10614    43  27
Alan MacNamee5717    33  26
Cathy McCormack3916    33  25
Roy Bowden6193    13  23
Jamie Thomas7251    31  19
Suzanne White11111    13  18
Danny McDermott4180    30  16
Aidan Ryan11101    11  15
Patrick Bradshaw2311    33  13
Jackie MacNamee1511    31  12
Billy Bourke0045    03  12
Eileen O’Sullivan00111    03  12
Fintan Ryan0008    04  12
Aine Goggin1010    00  2