Budding Designers Wanted!

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George O'Rourke and co.

George O’Rourke and co.

For 2018…
A redesign of the club jersey is in the offing and we are looking for your ideas…if you have seen a jersey and can lay it out on a sheet or can send us a jersey from a photo from the internet perhaps we would love to see your designs!
We have a small committee working on it at present and they hope to report back before the end of March with a firm design…remember mainly red (as the original was) with white and perhaps a hint of black…
So get your thinking caps on…the winning design will receive the first jersey off the production line…this jersey will be available to club members by mid summer so will need to be with the manufacturer by early May.
Send your designs to the club email address please.
Looking forward to seeing your work.
Rob and Greg back in the day

Rob and Greg back in the day

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