The Lyons King

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A great start to the racing season proper for Glen Lyons tonight on the Corncrake circuit with a gallop across the line in a sprint from his riding companion for the best part of the race Mark Mc Garry. In third was the ever improving Aine McCarthy taking the last step on the podium from Aidan Ryan.

With a great turnout of Marshals tonight, many of whom will be racing next week we will see some fireworks in the coming weeks we can be sure…the race starting next week on the filterbeds on our regular circuit with slightly better tarmac…

All riders and marshals received a copy(attached) of the slightly altered race schedule with all of the changes beginning with races from the 14th June.

Thanks to all who came out tonight to support the club.  

NAME Handicap Time Actual Time PLACE POINTS  
Glen Lyons  42.40 38.4 1st 11  
Mark Mc Garry  42.40 38.4 2nd 10  
Aine McCarthy 42.44 42.44 3rd 9  
Aidan Ryan 43.06 39.06 4th 8  
Patrick Bradshaw 43.26 43.26 5th 7  
Andy Kavanagh 45.15 37.15 6th 6  
Billy Bourke  45.15 37.15 7th 5  
Cathy McCormack 45.19 42.19 8th 4  

League Table                                   PTS

Glen Lyons                                                19
Andy Kavanagh                                        15
Aine McCarthy                                        13
Paul Cullinan                                           12
Dave Peelo                                                11
Mark McGarry                                        10
Patrick Bradshaw                                   10
Cathy McCormack                                  10
Roy Bowden                                             8
Aidan Ryan                                              8
Dave Ronan                                             6
Billy Bourke                                            5
Eileen O’Sullivan                                   3
Time Keeper – Joanne O’Shea


Paul Cullinan, Roy Bowden, Dave Ronan, Paul Murray, George O’Rourke, Karl Thomas, Eileen O’Sullivan,

Michael Wildes, Dave Peelo, Conal Higgins.






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