1. Online Training a huge success…

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    As we are unable to do our normal Wed Night Road Training sessions for the time being, we have with the great support of our two coaches Aidan and Dave, been able to get a training session together on Zoom(as well as Zwift). The virtual training session on Wednesday night was a huge success(14 riders) and […]

  2. Christmas Turbo Training Sessions

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    With the lockdown in place our chances and options to ride outside are quite limited so our esteemed coach, Aidan, has put together the following article on turbo training. Thanks Aidan!! Turbo Training Sessions Dec 2020 Now that weather and daylight are confining us, home turbo trainers, rollers, wattbikes etc will be important to our […]

  3. Club Racing & Touring Reports 2020

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    The racing year started well for the club with John Doris 3rd in M 50 National Cyclo Cross Championships in January in Sligo. It also finished well with Danny Mc Dermott getting 5th place last week in the Cycling Ireland Zwift racing League. In between these events, in early March just ahead of the 1st […]

  4. The Benefits of Solo Cycling

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    We are on a war footing. Humanity is battling an enemy that attacks us from within, striking from the closeness of our loved ones, neighbours, colleagues, club-mates – the people we are most comfortable with. Talk about our sport seems such a trivial thing at this time.  But keeping our health, physical and mental is […]

  5. 20 Guidelines for Sorrento Group Rides

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    As riders begin regular riding with other club members or in sportive groups it is perhaps helpful to know what is expected of you by more experienced group riders and more importantly what you should expect when you get into these groups…safety is always key so follow these tips and you cant go far wrong! […]