Christmas Turbo Training Sessions

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With the lockdown in place our chances and options to ride outside are quite limited so our esteemed coach, Aidan, has put together the following article on turbo training. Thanks Aidan!!

Turbo Training Sessions Dec 2020

Now that weather and daylight are confining us, home turbo trainers, rollers, wattbikes etc will be important to our mental &b physical health. If you have an interactive machine you can get endless entertainment with racing and training sessions available. However if you don’t have this technology below are some suggested sessions you can use.

You can of course make up your own session by mixing up elements from each of these.

Remember to keep hydrated as your fluid loss will be much higher than when out on the road. 

Short Strength Session

Warm up well on a low to medium resistance for at least 7min

Then increase resistance to very high and reduce cadence to almost stopped 

Sitting in the accelerated as hard as you can against the resistance for 6-8sec

You should not be able to get the gear revved up in this period (if you can go to higher gear/resistance) concentrate on trying to get power into pedals through out the rotation. Keep upper body still.

Ride easy for 2min

Repeat this sequence 6 – 10 times (6 X 6-8sec big gear seated accelerations with 2 min recoveries)

Warm down for 5-10min on low gear high cadence & stretch afterwards

Strength Endurance Session

Warm up well for 7 -10min on low to medium resistance

Increase resistance/gear so that you are at Threshold/FTP Watts or Heart Rate when pedalling @ 60 -70 rpm cadence sitting in saddle

Hold this cadence & power out put for 6 min

Keep upper body relaxed & concentrate on smooth rotational pedalling

Ride easy  on low gear for 6min

Repeat this sequence 3 – 6 times

(3-6 X 6min @ FTP on big gear with 6 min recoveries in between)

Warm down on low gear for 6 – 10 min & stretch afterwards

Threshold Variation Session

Warm up well 7 -10min on low to medium resistance

Gradually bring resistance/gear up to just reach Threshold/FTP  @ 80 -90 rpm cadence

Hold this for effort for 2min

Increase cadence to raise watts 10 – 20% & hold for 30sec

Keep repeating this sequence 5-6 times

(5 – 6 X 2min @ threshold/FTP & 30sec @ 10 – 20%above threshold)

Then ride easy on low gear for 6min

Then do another 5 – 6 X 2min @ threshold/FTP & 30sec @ 10 – 20%above threshold

Warm down on a low gear for 6 -10 min & stretch afterwards

Speed Session

Warm up well 7 -10min on low to medium resistance at a cadence slightly higher than normal.

Then do 3 min as if you were doing a 2km time trial.

Go max for this duration so that you are only just beginning to fade as you hit 3 min.

Use a gear/resistance which allows you to pedal @ 85 – 95 rpm cadence 

Recover riding easy on low gear resistance for 8min

Repeat this sequence 2 – 4 times (2 – 4 X 3min max with 8 min recoveries)

Warm down on a low gear for 6 -10 min & stretch afterwards

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