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    Turbo Training Sessions

    With the lockdown in place our chances and options to ride outside are quite limited so our esteemed coach, Aidan, has put together the following article on turbo training. Thanks Aidan!! Turbo Training Sessions Mar 2020 Now that we are confined to 2km radius of home turbo trainers, rollers, wattbikes etc will be important to […]

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    Chairman’s Challenges

    The Chairman’s challenges are groups of climbs around Wicklow which our good chairman has put together to challenge our climbing abilities. There are currently three challenges open to all members. The Challenges are as follows: Sloped Drag Challenge 7G Challenge The Far Side

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    Tokyo 2020

    Since I wrote these few lines we have learnt that The Olympics have been moved to summer 2021.A hard blow to all involved, but given the circumstances the only option possible. We will all still be as proud of Fintan’s achievement in ’21 as in ’20 and know that the time out will only see […]

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    The Benefits of Solo Cycling

    We are on a war footing. Humanity is battling an enemy that attacks us from within, striking from the closeness of our loved ones, neighbours, colleagues, club-mates – the people we are most comfortable with. Talk about our sport seems such a trivial thing at this time.  But keeping our health, physical and mental is […]

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    Think outside your box…

    As a result of the ongoing health threat all Sorrento spins and training events are cancelled to the 30th March. Not time yet to fully isolate so take the chance to exercise now and get out on your bike… As most members will still ride to stay fit, perhaps you might again consider the Sloped […]