1. Warming up Ophelia!

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    Saturday 14th October , The Saturday Tour!
    The Saturday group will from tomorrow 14th October offer two groups, with a second group who will aim to ride at a slightly lower speed than the training group and will aim for 20kms per hour generally. This will off those not riding every week an alternative to get back out on a Saturday morning and build up to group 1 over time…

    We will taper speed to those participating so don’t worry about being thrashed…the route will be fun…we hope to grow numbers in the coming months into two sustainable groups.  

    Meet: Glen of the Downs Carpark, @ 10.00am… Expect an 80km spin. 
    Ridden at a moderate pace

    Sunday 15th October, The Sunday Easy Tour!
    Meet: Grove Bar, Willow Grove @ 10.00am. Lead by Patrick Bradshaw!
    Expect a 60k spin . Back by 2pm with an obligatory coffee stop.

    There are now 2 groups every Sunday of a both a faster and easier pace with the groups splitting depending on abilities and meeting up at the end generally. This week Group 1 will be heading again upwards with the Gap in sight and Group 2 heading down the coast…

    The second easier group will ride on a flatter and shorter route…last week 14 turned out so come along no matte your fitness level…
    So come along and join the chain gang!

    Sale on Here from Monday!
    In advance of the New style jerseys(order now complete with Spin11) for next year we will be holding a massive sale of 50% off cost price of all stocks now being held…the kit is all recent stock and will be great additional winter kit for layering etc.

    With jerseys from around €20 each it makes sense to have a spare at that price….

    The prices on all stock will be significantly discounted and will cover all regular items including winter kit … there are a few exceptions based on special orders but everything else must go…

    We will have a page of stock items up on the website from Monday and you can email us an order which will be available to connect at our sizing night or before if that suits…we will announce the sizing and the launch of the new 2018 jersey over the weekend.

  2. World Champs weekend!

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    We hope you will support the boys in green this weekend in Bergen, Norway at the Road World Championships…

    Conor Dunne
    Dan Martin
    Ryan Mullen
    Nicolas Roche (TT and Road)
    Damien Shaw
    Sean McKenna


    Saturday 23rd September , The Saturday Tour!

    The Saturday group is back running fully for those available for the next while before the Autumn rides kick off again. We will taper speed to those participating so don’t worry about being thrashed…the route will be fun… 

    Meet: Glen of the Downs Carpark, @ 10.00am… Expect an 80km spin. 

    Ridden at a moderate pace


    Sunday 24th September, The Sunday Easy Tour!

    Meet: Grove Bar, Willow Grove @ 10.00am. Lead by Patrick Bradshaw!

    Expect a 60k spin . Back by 2pm with an obligatory coffee stop.

    The groups will split depending on abilities. 

    At least a dozen or more most weeks so come along and join the chain gang!


  3. The Dying Cow 2017

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    The Dying Cow….not many riders will get to admire it….

    The Dying Cow, one of the most pleasant 200 routes in these parts has been revived by our own David Murphy and will be run under the auspices of Sorrento and Audax Ireland.

    This event has always attracted a good field and should do so with its prime date in September with good daylight hours.

    The route with beautiful scenery especially from Aughrim to the Carlow border and returning on the loop to Woodenbridge  on the way home will please most riders and distract your attention for the return leg to Bray Head….and back to the BW clubhouse.

    Entries are now open and entrants are very welcome for the Dying Cow 200 on Saturday 16th September starting 08:00 Bray Wheelers clubhouse. 

    Please see webpage for further details:

     Closing date for entries is 8th September. No applications or payments accepted on event day please – see event page.

    Please note any unattached riders must purchase a Cycling Ireland (CI) €5 one-day license, for those not holding a current CI license, this has increased from the €2 indicated on some older versions of the Event Entry Form.


  4. 10 Mile TT Championship Results

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    On a very blustery evening on the Beehive the first of the championship events crowned both the men’s and ladies 10 mile TT champions and for the next year both trophies will reside in the same household with being won by Gillian and Dave Peelo in a sensational  double whammy…

    The man in form however still leading the league after a solid second place is Roy Bowden now by 11 points from Jamie Noone trailing on 42pts.

    On Thursday next we move back to the Filter Bed circuit with 22.5 mile CP over three laps.

    Looking forward to a great race and a forecast of warmer weather on the way!      

    Dave Peelo 23.53 1st  
    Roy Bowden 25.47 2nd  
    Enda Ryan 27.35 3rd  
    Patrick Bradshaw 30.42 4th  
    Gillian Peelo 33.2 Ladies Champion  
    Aine McCarthy 33.35 Ladies runner up  
      10Mile TT Handicaped  
    Dave Peelo 23.38 1st 11
    Roy Bowden  24.27 2nd 10
    Patrick Bradshaw 25.12 3rd 9
    Aine McCarthy 25.10 4th 8
    Enda Ryan 25.35 5th 7


    RIDER L1 L2 L3 L4 L5 L6 L7 L8 C1 C2 C3 C4 TOTAL PLACE
    Roy Bowden 7 1 9 7 7 11     10       52 1
    Jamie Noone 0 11 11 0 10 9     0       41 2
    Aine McCarthy 2 4 6 9 9 1     8       39 3
    Patrick Bradshaw 3 1 7 0 11 8     9       39 4
    Dave Peelo 9 1 1 8 5 1     11       36 5
    Paul Cullinan 11 8 1 6 6 1     0       33 6
    Eileen O’Sullivan 1 5 5 11 8 1     0       31 7
    Mark McGarry 6 0 8 5 0 10     1       30 8
    John Dorris 10 10 0 0 1 0     0       21 9
    Michael McHugh 0 9 10 0 0 0     0       19 10
    Aidan Ryan 5 6 1 1 0 0     0       13 11
    Glen Lyons 0 0 0 10 1 0     0       11 12
    Mark Prendergast 8 1 0 0 0 0     0       9 13
    Billy Bourke 0 7 0 0 0 0     0       7 14
    Enda Ryan 0 0 0 0 0 0     7       7 15
    Colin O’Connor 4 1 0 0 0 0     0       5 16






  5. Mick Byrne 2017

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    The 10th Annual Mick Byrne Randonee will take place on Sunday May 28th 2017, starting at Dalkey, Co Dublin (200km @ 8am, 160km @ 9am and 100km@10am)and as usual there will be three adventurous routes from 100km up to a testing 200km on some of the most beautiful roads in Co.Wicklow .This year the entry numbers are limited to 300 participants. All funds raised on the day will go to funding in a small way, the incredible work done by the Hospice Foundation.

    Maps of the three Routes

    MB 200




    Last year you helped raise €4,667 on the day for the charity! THIS YEAR WE AIM TO BEAT €5000!

    During your day you will experience stunning views of not only numerous mountain vistas including views to Co.Wexford but with the final test of your day ascending from Laragh over the tough Sally Gap you will need to keep something in reserve. The consolation of going up will surely be the welcoming scenery of Dublin Bay on your descent from Glencree and return home to Dalkey along the coast.

    This event in memory of a man who was one of the prime movers in the foundation of Sorrento Cycling Club in 1968. One of his main ambitions was that people of all ages get to experience the joy, excitement and adventure of cycling! On the Mick Byrne Randonee you will experience all three in generous helpings….plus new friendships made along the way.

    The 100km and 160km routes are great advance preparation for the Wicklow 200 and the 200km has nearly 3000 meters of climbing, a true challenge for any cyclist.There will be a number of feed stations provided along the routes to keep your strength up during your tour of the Garden County. As last year to ensure we make this as enjoyable as possible for you, we must cap the entry at 300 riders over the three routes so early entries are vital.

    Last year we had 298 riders so make sure your enter early!

    A Cycling Ireland Licence(€5 payable online) is necessary for those who are not members of a club, it is ESSENTIAL for all riders to sign on before departure to comply with our insurance requirements .

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