1. Autumn Sneaks In…

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    The weather is on the turn and a need for warmer gear has arrived, five tours this weekend…the list grows longer. A good time to cycle as the weather has been so nice and no doubt we should make the most of the current opportunities to be out and about. Saturday 26th September The Saturday […]

  2. The Far Side

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    Inspired by the works of cartoonist Gary Larson the Far Side was a whimsical look at life from an altered perspective. This Charimans Challenge is likewise looking at Wicklow not from the perspective of the Wicklow Masif but rather the hills to the East, many of which are ignored in favour of our their more […]

  3. 7G Challenge

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    For each of the climbs a record of the strava/mapmyride/activity file or link is required or as an alternative a photo from both the start location of the climb and also from the top of the gap. We have included a GPS reference for the tops of each of the Gaps as well as pictures […]

  4. Think outside your box…

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    As a result of the ongoing health threat all Sorrento spins and training events are cancelled to the 30th March. Not time yet to fully isolate so take the chance to exercise now and get out on your bike… As most members will still ride to stay fit, perhaps you might again consider the Sloped […]

  5. 20 Guidelines for Sorrento Group Rides

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    As riders begin regular riding with other club members or in sportive groups it is perhaps helpful to know what is expected of you by more experienced group riders and more importantly what you should expect when you get into these groups…safety is always key so follow these tips and you cant go far wrong! […]