1. Racing kicks off with TT…

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    A battle of minds perhaps …and maybe the odd bragging right…the race of truth…

    On a very pleasant evening for a time trial with a light and mainly neutral wind the times were good and the TT experts came out to play…in round one of the league and essentially the handicapping warm up, a solid field of racers and wannabees took to the N11 in search of inspiration and some perspiration.

    The cream as usual will rise and the winner on the night was an accomplished racer, Paul Cullinan with a chasing pack of experience with John Dorris in second (fresh from his 4th place in Stamullen last weekend) and the reigning champion Dave Peelo in third spot.

    Next week we get back to our old stomping ground on the Corncrake circuit in Roundwood with a start time of 7.30pm.

    Sign on from 7.15pm so don’t be late as light is a consideration for the next few weeks…

    Many thanks to George and to his mentor Joanne O’Shea who is training her apprentice on the clock for the next couple of weeks.

    Hope to see many more of you next week and of course feel free to attend if you would like to help out as a marshal.



    Paul Cullinan 7.39 1st  11  
    John Dorris 8.05 2nd 10  
    Dave Peelo 8.07 3rd 9  
    Mark Prendergast 8.14 4th 8  
    Roy Bowden 8.34 5th 7  
    Mark McGarry 8.40 6th 6  
    Aidan Ryan 8.50 7th 5  
    Colin O’Connor 9.31 8th 4  
    Patrick Bradshaw 9.47 9th 3  
    Aine McCarthy 10.38 10th 2  
    Eileen O’Sullivan 11.19 11th 1  
    Time Keepers: G O’Rourke,

    J O’Shea

  2. Fintan Flying Again…

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    Fintan and Felix English in South Africa!

    A bit warmer than Sundrive in South Africa.

    Fintan & Felix English winners of the Paarl 6 day .


  3. Chilly on Horseback…

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    Saturday 19th November, The Saturday Tour!

    Meet: Glen of the Downs Carpark, @ 10.00am… Expect a 70k spin . Back by 1.30pm.Ridden at a moderate pace. No Coffee stop unfortunately! Lead by Aidan Ryan. Getting good numbers at present so get back into the group now…

    Sunday 20th November, The Sunday Easy Tour!

    Meet: The Grove  Bar, Willow Grove @ 10.00am. Lead by Patrick Bradshaw…Expect a 60k spin . Back by 2pm with an obligatory coffee stop. The group will split depending on abilities.



    Get out before the big freeze…

    The winter is now here and the training schedule slows down for most riders but this is not a time to slow the body down completely…now we need to keep active, keep the pounds off in preparation for the Christmas season and prepare for longer days again in January!

    So get back out for some of the weekend spins and keep your stretching going!

    The Saturday spins have one of our coaches Aidan Ryan back on a regular basis to give you assistance and lead three hour tours at a moderate pace…not a time for hard miles so if you have ambitions for next year why not start out now with base miles!

    Sunday tours now generally are at least a dozen riders splitting into two groups based on ability so if you want to come along and test your legs there are options.

    Its getting a bit cooler so dress to impress…shoe covers may be necessary and please try and wear club clothing if you are riding on club tours…we have plenty of kit in stock if you need anything and remember we sell it to you at cost price!

    In a couple of weeks time we will have an extra page with a display of clothing and prices!

    Dates for your Diary

    AGM and Awards Presentation Friday 2nd December 8.30pm

    Christmas Holly Runs Sat 10th/Sun 11th December – Spot Prizes for most imaginative Christmas bike each day!

    Christmas Club Shindig Saturday 17th December – venue to be announced but a hoot of a night!

    Santagone Two Up Fun Leisure Time Trial Monday 26th December- Teams of two riders, who make a guess on how fast(or slow) they can cover our 3.9 Mile TT course from Kilmacanogue … no timing devices allowed. Bring your friends…

    And then back to Kilpeddar for some freshly baked Paris Brest Paris Cake in Paul and Clare’s kitchen with some great stories from at least three wise men from the East…a great way to blow off the vino from the previous day…all ages and levels welcome!







  4. The Racing Season Hotting Up!

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    The tension is beginning to build now with only four events left in the league and championship season.

    This week we hold our very popular 25 Mile TT starting from the Tap Pub on the old N11.

    The table is tight at the top with the ever consistent Mark McGarry leading Dave Peelo by a narrow margin of 11 points with improving Ciaran Mulcahy, Roy Bowden and Paul Cullinan all vying for places on the podium over the next few races.

    A full breakdown of race results  below.


    Dave Peelo 23.13 1st
    Paul Cullinan 23.38 2nd
    Billy Bourke 24.15 3rd
    Roy Bowden 25.04 4th
    Mark McGarry 25.34 5th
    Ciaran Mulcahy 25.37 6th
    Glen Lyons 26.24 7th
    Eileen O’Sullivan 33.19 Ladies Champion
    10 Mile TT Handicap

    Thursday 9th June

    Ciaran Mulcahy 21.37 1st 11
    Roy Bowden 22.04 2nd 10
    Paul Cullinan 22.08 3rd 9
    Dave Peelo 22.13 4th 8
    Eileen O’Sullivan 22.19 5th 7
    Glen Lyons 22.24 6th 6
    Mark McGarry 22.34 7th 5
    Billy Bourke 22.45 8th 4
    Time Keeper: J O’Shea
    Marshalls: G O’Shea,G Peelo,C O’Connor



    Thursday 16th June

    22.5 Mile CP

    Filterbeds Roundwood


    NAME Handicap Time Actual Time PLACE POINTS
    Paul Cullinan 1.23.27 58.27 1st 11
    Mark McGarry 1.23.36 58.36 2nd 10
    Dave Peelo 1.23.36 58.36 3rd 9
    Ciaran Mulcahy 1.23.36 1.00.36 4th 8
    Roy Bowden 1.23.36 1.00.36 5th 7
    Andy Kavanagh 1.23.43 58.43 6th 6
    Eileen O’Sullivan 1.28.31 1.28.31 7th 5


    League Table at 29th June 2016

    RIDER L1 L2 L3 L4 L5 L6 L7 L8 C1 C2 C3 C4 TOTAL PLACE
    Mark McGarry 7 8 11 8 9 8 10 5 66 1
    Dave Peelo 11 1 9 7 1 9 9 8 55 2
    Ciaran Mulcahy 5 9 1 1 8 11 8 11 54 3
    Roy Bowden 8 1 1 6 10 1 7 10 44 4
    Paul Cullinan 0 1 1 1 7 7 11 9 37 5
    Glen Lyons 4 6 1 10 5 1 0 6 33 6
    Andy Kavanagh 0 0 10 9 6 0 6 0 31 7
    Eileen O’Sullivan 1 3 0 11 4 0 5 7 31 8
    Colin O’Connor 3 2 0 1 11 6 0 1 24 9
    Barry Nolan 9 10 0 0 0 0 0 0 19 10
    Jamie Noone 0 11 7 0 0 0 0 0 18 11
    Billy Bourke 0 0 0 0 3 10 0 4 17 12
    Aidan Ryan 6 5 0 5 0 0 0 0 16 13
    Michael McHugh 0 7 8 0 0 0 0 0 15 14
    John Dorris 10 0 1 0 1 0 0 0 12 15
    Patrick Bradshaw 2 4 1 0 1 0 0 0 8 16
    Hugh Butler 0 0 0 4 0 0 0 0 4 17
    Aubrey Shaw 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 18
    Paul O’Donohoe 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 19






  5. A big Byrne Weekend…

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    This Weekend

    But first well done last weekend to Fintan Ryan riding in a top rank track meeting in Paris last Friday evening where Fintan was 2nd in the elimination race at UCI grade 1 Coupe de France track event. Also it is worth noting he received some ranking points for the World’s qualifying so well done. This weekend  he descends a couple of grades as he will be out helping at the Killiskey waterstop with Enda and Sadie. He will get many Sorrento brownie points as will nearly 30 other club members.
    At this point we have 300 riders and always a few strays who turn up so this is officially our biggest ever event.
    The weather forecast is looking good so fingers crossed.
    I will be back in touch before Saturday evening with details to those of you who have volunteered with confirmation of times/locations etc.
    So check your emails if you can.
    What’s On
    Saturday 28th May, Saturday Training Spin in the Glen @10! Meet: Glen of the Downs Carpark 10am. Expect 60+kms at a training pace. Back by 2pm.There will be a small group this week if you want to ride out we are informed!

    Sunday  29th  May, The Mick Byrne 200/160/100 Dalkey – groups leaving from 8/9/10am depending on route distance, check in opens from 7am… 

    Thursday 2nd June – Training night with Dave Peelo – leaving at 7.30pm

    This next summer training session with another useful bucketful of information on how to build strength through the longer days will take place on Thursday next from Calary Filling Station. Last the group worked on interval training. Next training session will be lead by Dave with more great training trips.

    Thursday 9th June ,10 Mile TT Race Beehive Circuit near Wicklow Town off the M11,7.30pm start…Sign in from 7.15pm…


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