Well Done POD

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This week we congratulate our chair Paul O’Donoghue, the genial and tireless face of the club (for decades) on what seemed like one of his most difficult challenges. In the last week he rode the 1000km Alicante Audax event which took in a staggering 15,000 metres of climbing in the allotted 75 hours for the event. In true fashion he completed within the allocated time but faced some huge battles over the three days of the test especially with sleep. However this is not his first time completing this event but this time the route and conditions made it harder it seems. He is now on a 900km meander north towards San Sebastian and finally Biarritz, before we see him at the end of the month. Mighty! 
This weekend we have three spins with our in form man Stephen Healy taking the Saturday spin and the always in form Eileen and Patrick ruling the roost on Sunday; see you there and let us know if you are attending on the What’s App groups.     
Saturday 16th October – Grove Bar, Willow Grove  @9.30am. Leaving Promptly ! Led by Stephen Healy this week with a moderate pace of 80kms. 

Sunday 17th October, The Sunday Easy Tour Spin !

Group 1 Meet: Grove Bar, Willow Grove  @9.30am. Leaving Promptly ! Led by Patrick this week with a moderate pace of 70kms with coffee on the route. 

Group 2 Meet: Grove Bar, Willow Grove @10am. Leaving Promptly ! Led by Eileen this week with a moderate pace of 50kms with coffee on return. 

*Remember also in advance of any club event all members must register their intention to participate on the CI booking system. Please do not turn up on the day without pre-booking using the app. When using the sign on use 9am/10am as the start time as it only accepts hourly blocks. It is also recommended that you might wish to carry a buff or mask, make sure you wear your new free Sorrento mask…

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