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  1. 10 Mile TT Championship Results

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    On a very blustery evening on the Beehive the first of the championship events crowned both the men’s and ladies 10 mile TT champions and for the next year both trophies will reside in the same household with being won by Gillian and Dave Peelo in a sensational  double whammy…

    The man in form however still leading the league after a solid second place is Roy Bowden now by 11 points from Jamie Noone trailing on 42pts.

    On Thursday next we move back to the Filter Bed circuit with 22.5 mile CP over three laps.

    Looking forward to a great race and a forecast of warmer weather on the way!      

    Dave Peelo 23.53 1st  
    Roy Bowden 25.47 2nd  
    Enda Ryan 27.35 3rd  
    Patrick Bradshaw 30.42 4th  
    Gillian Peelo 33.2 Ladies Champion  
    Aine McCarthy 33.35 Ladies runner up  
      10Mile TT Handicaped  
    Dave Peelo 23.38 1st 11
    Roy Bowden  24.27 2nd 10
    Patrick Bradshaw 25.12 3rd 9
    Aine McCarthy 25.10 4th 8
    Enda Ryan 25.35 5th 7


    RIDER L1 L2 L3 L4 L5 L6 L7 L8 C1 C2 C3 C4 TOTAL PLACE
    Roy Bowden 7 1 9 7 7 11     10       52 1
    Jamie Noone 0 11 11 0 10 9     0       41 2
    Aine McCarthy 2 4 6 9 9 1     8       39 3
    Patrick Bradshaw 3 1 7 0 11 8     9       39 4
    Dave Peelo 9 1 1 8 5 1     11       36 5
    Paul Cullinan 11 8 1 6 6 1     0       33 6
    Eileen O’Sullivan 1 5 5 11 8 1     0       31 7
    Mark McGarry 6 0 8 5 0 10     1       30 8
    John Dorris 10 10 0 0 1 0     0       21 9
    Michael McHugh 0 9 10 0 0 0     0       19 10
    Aidan Ryan 5 6 1 1 0 0     0       13 11
    Glen Lyons 0 0 0 10 1 0     0       11 12
    Mark Prendergast 8 1 0 0 0 0     0       9 13
    Billy Bourke 0 7 0 0 0 0     0       7 14
    Enda Ryan 0 0 0 0 0 0     7       7 15
    Colin O’Connor 4 1 0 0 0 0     0       5 16






  2. Racing kicks off with TT…

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    A battle of minds perhaps …and maybe the odd bragging right…the race of truth…

    On a very pleasant evening for a time trial with a light and mainly neutral wind the times were good and the TT experts came out to play…in round one of the league and essentially the handicapping warm up, a solid field of racers and wannabees took to the N11 in search of inspiration and some perspiration.

    The cream as usual will rise and the winner on the night was an accomplished racer, Paul Cullinan with a chasing pack of experience with John Dorris in second (fresh from his 4th place in Stamullen last weekend) and the reigning champion Dave Peelo in third spot.

    Next week we get back to our old stomping ground on the Corncrake circuit in Roundwood with a start time of 7.30pm.

    Sign on from 7.15pm so don’t be late as light is a consideration for the next few weeks…

    Many thanks to George and to his mentor Joanne O’Shea who is training her apprentice on the clock for the next couple of weeks.

    Hope to see many more of you next week and of course feel free to attend if you would like to help out as a marshal.



    Paul Cullinan 7.39 1st  11  
    John Dorris 8.05 2nd 10  
    Dave Peelo 8.07 3rd 9  
    Mark Prendergast 8.14 4th 8  
    Roy Bowden 8.34 5th 7  
    Mark McGarry 8.40 6th 6  
    Aidan Ryan 8.50 7th 5  
    Colin O’Connor 9.31 8th 4  
    Patrick Bradshaw 9.47 9th 3  
    Aine McCarthy 10.38 10th 2  
    Eileen O’Sullivan 11.19 11th 1  
    Time Keepers: G O’Rourke,

    J O’Shea

  3. Fintan Flying Again…

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    Fintan and Felix English in South Africa!

    A bit warmer than Sundrive in South Africa.

    Fintan & Felix English winners of the Paarl 6 day .


  4. Trofeo Calla Millor 2016

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    Fintan sprint

    It has been quiet of late from our celebrity blogger in Mallorca.

    Maybe its because he has been mixing it with the big boys and the proof is as they say in the pudding!
    Last weekend in the Trofeo Calla Millor our boy rode in one of the biggest Amateur events in Mallorca, an event won in the past by stars of the Pro world three time world champion Óscar Freire and sprint star Andre Greipel .
    Fintan finish
    Fintan said “it was 120km averaged 42kph and was more hilly than most Irish races”.
    He says “it was a group of 60-70 contested the sprint. The winner, Torres, beat out own Sam Bennett in the Challenge Mallorca event earlier in month”.
    The 3rd placed rider was Sebastian Mora who is also a European Madison champion.
    Fintan split the Spanish  partnership with this result.
    What a superb result for Fintan in his first year of full time cycling which will no doubt attract interest to his rising career.
    Back on a recent break he was in good form and in great shape and no doubt a winter in Mallorca despite the grind is now paying dividends.
    We all wish him the best of luck coming into the racing season.
    Fintan Podium


  5. Freedom never felt so painful!

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    In August of this year, barely weeks after his leaving certificate our young lion Fintan Ryan flew out to the sunny paradise Island of Mallorca with some definite targets in mind…not to sunbathe but to train and live with the Irish track team throughout this coming winter and participate at International level with the big boys….

    In what will hopefully be a regular blog Fintan gives us an insight into life on the boards!

    A rude awakening!

    After 9 months of studying and 2 bruising weeks of regurgitating all my knowledge of everything related to anything onto a pink sheet of paper I sat outside my school pondering what to do with my post leaving cert self.

    “Oh that’s right the U23 European championships are in a month” I remembered. “I suppose some training would be a good idea for them”!

    Obviously the mind was far more able than the body as I had Louis tear my legs off on my debut to training and my entry into racing as a full time cyclist, the night after I finished my exams, at the club league.

    Every little rise on that corncrake circuit killed off the brain-cells that previously held my much studied knowledge, I even think it squeezed some French vocabulary out my mouth to thank my sparring partner as I huffed and puffed behind Louis’ back wheel! A tough return but only the beginning of my inglorious return to fitness!

    Two days later I received my first national medal as a senior – bronze in the omnium. Although I was disappointed not to have held my silver medal position going into the last event I was still satisfied I hadn’t lost all my form in the myriad of textbooks.

    What lay next was some of the toughest days I’ve had on the bike, more mentally than physically.

    All my classmates were in bed all day, eating anything they desired and generally doing the usual post-Leaving cert stuff.

    Me? I was up early everyday with my bowl of porridge (or sometimes with nothing) on the bike attempting to be selected take on Europe’s finest with only a fortnight’s preparation. Training wouldn’t often be long hours but quite intense and sometimes be double shift days (two training sessions – in the morning and afternoon). I remember two sessions I did during these two weeks that will stay with me for a long time, such was the pain they inflicted!

    One took place close to home on the easy Devils Glen so that I could simply crawl home afterwards! That session saw me do 2.5 minutes full gas up the hill then turn around and recover for the same length of time before repeating the effort again 5 times. This is something I would not recommend to anyone who isn’t at top fitness, I learned that the hard way!

    The second session prepared me more for what the whole track squad is based upon, the team pursuit. This session was done after some easier efforts and a decent spin:

    45sec @95%

    15 sec @ 100%

    45sec @ 95%

    15 sec @ 100%

    Recover  riding easy for 10min then do

    45sec @ 95%

    15 sec @ 100%

    45sec @ 95%

    15 sec @ 100%

    Another one I wouldn’t recommend.


    A few of these sessions later and I was on a plane to Majorca to train with the team for the European championships and be assessed as to whether I was ready to race. I had to bring a road bike with me and there would be Felt track bike to be supplied over there. This was an interesting journey in terms of showing me the road not taken…

    For many Majorca is a cycling paradise, climbs and smooth roads rolling over the countryside and of course for others it resembles a beautiful holiday resort where you can take your family to long sandy beaches and crystal clear blue water.

    However there is a third party who flock to the island in groups during the post leaving cert and A Level time of year. These groups of drunken teens are not unlike myself. We’ve both completed the biggest exams of our lives and are fleeing the country to forget about the traumatic experience. However our journey may be the same (theirs slightly more boozed up) our purposes are completely different!

    Magaluf may have some of the biggest night clubs in the world but it doesn’t have a velodrome (although most mornings there’s people who look like they’ve just done a hard track session)!

    I don’t envy them for a second, I’m happy to have fun in a healthy manner, one that doesn’t involve singing or chanting on a plane, that you can hear through headphones on full volume.

    Until next time,


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