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On a dark and dank evening the gloves came off in race 2 of the Summer League with a 22kms blast on the corncrake circuit.
On a damp start to our Roundwood evenings we had a very good field and a great supply of quality marshals to boot.
The winner Roy Bowden showed his class cutting through the field and finishing with second placed Danny McDermott in a sprint finish on the filter beds.
On the third step of the podium was the scratch-man Jamie Noone making his first appearance of the year.
The next race takes place on the Filterbeds circuit at 7.30pm next Thursday 2nd May.     
Anyone free to marshal will be most welcome.Thanks again to George and Mim for their work tonight.

Roy Bowden1st11
Danny McDermott2nd10
Jamie Noone3rd9
Glen Lyons 4th8
Aine McCarthy5th7
Rory Hogarty6th6
Jackie McNamee7th5
Colin O’Connor8th4
Alan McNamee9th 3
Eileen O’Sullivan10th 2
Paul Ryan11th 1
Timekeeper G O’Rorke 
P.Cullinan, C McCormack, P.Bradshaw,D.Peelo,S.White, A.Ryan,M.Wildes,P.Murray,K.Thomas.

Race League Placings after L2 25/4/19

Roy Bowden81119
Daniel McDermott51015
Glen Lyons6814
Paul Cullinan11112
Dave Peelo10111
Rory Hogarty4610
Billy Bourke909
Jamie Noone099
Aidan Ryan718
Aine McCarthy178
Alan Mac Namee336
Jackie Mac Namee156
Colin O’Connor145
Eileen O’Sullivan123
Mark McGarry202
Cathy McCormack112
Patrick Bradshaw112
Suzanne White112
Paul Ryan112

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