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As the country slowly unwinds from lockdown we were delighted to begin over the last few weekends(and a Thursday spin) welcoming back groups with some great spins led by enthusiastic leaders who were mindful of the need to adhere to health advice, many thanks to these members. There was even a few hardy annuals rising for a 4am spin to worship the rising sun on the 21st June….
As a country we have done well so far in containing this virus but it is vitally important at all times that you are conscious of the need to protect your health and that of others by following the guidelines set out on the Cycling Ireland website when out on a club event.
More importantly however is that if you answer any of the questions on the Self-Assessment Personal Screening Questionnaire with a yes then you should stay at home and not attend any cycling events. 
To bring you up to date here is some brief news on the club calendar, events and spins as well as some detail on new protocols which require us to use electronic methods to both document participants on club spins and also to enter club events (all for contact trace reasons).

First Up , Club spins, as of this weekend (now that the national guidance has extended the distance to allow us travel) we are getting our weekend spins back closer to our traditional weekly schedule.
Each Saturday we will have the regular group training spin but now beginning at the new time of 9am each week for the summer months. It is expected that Aidan will run the spin most weeks and the new earlier time should suit those early birds within the club.
A change too on Sunday with two groups leaving at 9.30 and 10am respectively on a trial basis.More about those spins on Thursday with a return to our normal weekly email.
It will be a necessary part of participation in any club events to use the Cycling Ireland booking system which you should familiarise yourself with in advance will be allowed join a spin without the sign onbeing completed so it would be a good idea for members to load this on their phones.

Racing Calendar 2020 We have agreed on a start date now following the CI roadmap which has allowed races to restart from 29th June.
We will begin with our normal time trial for handicapping purposes on Thursday 9th July from Kilmacanogue at 7.30pm.The racing league will begin on the following Thursday 16th  with races initially being time trials in the first few weeks.
A full calendar over what will possibly be over 8 weeks will be available with an entry form by the weekend. Due to the current covid requirements we will provide IBAN details for entry fees and there will be a mandatory online sign on facility for each race we hold. 
More about this in the racing email update later in the week with an application form and details of the courses over the first part of the schedule.
See you on the road soon,


Touring Secretary